The Hillside Parent Teacher Association welcomes you to Hillside Elementary

As parents, we all support our children with their education. As a PTA, we work collaboratively to support the school through many events and volunteer opportunities. Together we can ensure that every child succeeds.

If you haven’t already, we’d love for you to join the PTA.

Dues are $5.00 per parent.
(You will get a free school directory as a part of your membership!)

The 2014-2015 Hillside PTA Board

  • Jandy Furman, President
  • Meg Watson, 1st VP-Programming
  • Jill Klein, 2nd VP Membership
  • Amber Stiggins, 3rd VP Fundraising
  • Gretta Clapp, Secretary
  • Courtney McCarty, Treasurer
  • Stephani Cook, Parliamentarian
  • Todd Rollison, Historian
  • Trisha Jay, Co-Hospitality Chair
  • Kelli Vest, Co-Hospitality Chair
  • Rachel Bessent, Read-a-thon Chair/Directory Chair
  • Penny Drummond, Box Tops Chair
  • Kandi Kempf-Teacher Representative
  • Amy Duggan, Principal

Please feel free to contact us at